What to Expect on Sunday Mornings?
At Lewisburg United Methodist Church, we gather to remember, to embrace and to anticipate the Story of a God who is faithful and brings freedom. We want to create an environment where your story can connect with God’s Story each week. We know that your first time at a church, any church, brings up some questions. Here are some answers to some of those frequently asked questions:

What time should I get there?
Our service begins at 9:45 A.M. on Sunday. Arrive any time after 9:00 A.M. to get acquainted and to enjoy refreshments. Our nursery staff will be ready for you at 9:30.

How long does the service last?
As a general rule we conclude at 11:00 A.M. Occasionally, service will be slightly longer or shorter.

What if I have special needs?
The church is handicap accessible with automatic doors and no stairs. The restrooms are also handicap accessible. Listening devices are available for those with hearing loss. A greeter or usher would be happy to get you one of these devices. In addition, there is an elevator to access the stage for those performing with the band or taking part in a special event (baptism, wedding, etc). Wheel chairs are available to borrow at the entrance. We have a large parking lot with handicap parking near the main entrance.

What should I wear?
Please dress in the manner that makes you most comfortable. While most people who attend choose to dress as if they were going out to dinner, you will see everything from suit / tie and dresses to t-shirts and jean shorts. Your presence is more important than your appearance.

What is the service like?
Think of our Gathering time like a good story. It has several chapters, all working to tell the one Story of God that day. Some of these chapters include times of prayer, reading of the Story from Scripture, singing God’s story with all types/styles of music, our people’s stories of God’s freedom, the telling of the Story (sermon), an opportunity to financially give to the Story and often chapters on Sacred acts such as Baptism or Communion (Lord’s Supper or Eucharist). The music is a blend of songs from all eras that tell God’s story, so you’ll hear songs from the 1800’s, from modern culture, songs that we write and these are often played by a band. We also have adult choir and ensembles occasionally. We have 2 large video screens for words to music and biblical passages for you to follow. The service can also be viewed on the monitors located throughout the building.

Are there Bibles and hymnals for me to use?
Yes, Bibles are on the chairs or are available in the racks at the entrance to the worship area, as are the hymnals.

As a guest, will I be called out or recognized during the service?

What is available for my kids (K-5 grade)?
We want to partner with parents to foster the faith of our children! Bring your school-age children into the worship space with you and during a designated time in the service each week, children are invited to follow our well-trained staff to J.A.M. Session – one of the coolest, safest, age-appropriate environments ever – where they will explore the love of God!

Often times during the service, we have a Children’s Moment. Those are moments where children are invited to come to the stage to participate in some interactive and entertaining message or activity related to the day’s scripture.

What about Child Care (birth through age 5)?
Beginning at 9:30 and continuing to 12:00, your youngest children can join our well-trained and passionate workers in our Nursery. We believe that your safety matters, so make sure you properly check-in and pick up your child. At sign in, the child is provided with a name tag and a number. The parent is given a wrist band with a corresponding number. At sign out, the wrist band is exchanged for the child. If a condition arises that requires the parent return to the child care room during the service, their number will be displayed on the video screens located throughout the building.

What do you believe?
We believe that we are here to bring glory to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We passionately desire to worship Jesus Christ, to instruct and encourage Christians, to become like Christ, and to share our savior and Lord with the world.

Do you have other Sunday morning opportunities?
We have learning groups for all ages from 11:15-12:00 noon each Sunday between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Child care is available during Sunday School for infant to 5 years of age.